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 At Nagasaki Wesleyan University, we see our mission as fostering the development of global citizens who will link local communities and the world.
 To that end, our programs emphasize not only the study of knowledge and technology related to social welfare, but also hands-on experience in the real world. Among other advantages, this approach provides an opportunity to master a broad array of communication skills, including proficiency in English and other languages.

Founding spirit and educational philosophy

Brotherly love: The goal of educating people to make peace

 Nagasaki Wesleyan University opened in 2002 in commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the founding of Chinzei Gakuin in response to the strong wishes of—and with the robust support of—sister schools worldwide as well as its local community.
 The University’s parent organization, Chinzei Gakuin, has long pursued the goal of educating students to love God and their fellow man in keeping with the two primary tenets of Christianity. We further developed that school motto for use in a university setting, adopting the cultivation of brotherly love, characterized by love of God and one’s fellow man, as NWU’s educational mission.

Shared values (the Wesleyan philosophy)
 The term Wesleyan refers to a follower of the teachings of 18th century English cleric and social activist John Wesley, whose World Mission gave rise to a major branch of Protestant Christianity that went on to flourish in the United States. He taught that believers could renew themselves through a process of sanctification driven by devout faith in God, thereby fulfilling the first commandment to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.” Individuals possessed of a strong, deep bond with God naturally love others and strive to bring that love to bear in the world, thereby fulfilling the second commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Wesley’s teachings were passed down and spread around the world as the key to leading a life with a sense of mission. In this way, the term Wesleyan came to signify a follower of Wesley’s teachings.

 American missionary Dr. C.S. Long founded Cobley Seminary in Higashiyamate district of the city of Nagasaki in 1881, urging his students, “Boys be Christian gentlemen.” The seminary became Chinzei Gakuin, an institution that continues to pursue its mission today, 125 years later.

One mission, three goals
Nagasaki Wesleyan University has dedicated itself to the mission of educating students in the spirit of brotherly love in this new era. To fulfill this mission, we have embraced the following three goals:
1. To cultivate devotion in chapel activities that give life to the university’s founding spirit
2. To nurture a spirit of social welfare supported by love of one’s neighbors
3. To foster the development of individuals who will create peace in their local communities and the world

Learning as a volunteer (community service programs)

 We have incorporated volunteer activities as a core part of the curriculum, and participation in a variety of community service programs is recognized for academic credit. Community service programs give students an opportunity participate in a variety of activities both at NWU and at overseas partner universities, including participating in peace-oriented learning experiences, learning to communicate with or otherwise support disabled children, helping to foster an environment conducive to good parenting, helping to revitalize isolated island communities, planning or organizing local festivals, helping to revitalize areas such as shopping districts in Isahaya, helping international students learn Japanese, and participating in foreign language clubs.

Extensive selection of overseas programs

 We take advantage of a network of about 20 overseas partner universities to offer not only conventional language study, but also a variety of programs such as overseas community service projects that allow students to choose the mode of participation that best suits their objective and language ability. These programs are open to everyone and require only payment of the travel, dining, and other expenses incurred.

Language skills

 We have inherited some 120 years of language education tradition and expertise from our parent institution, Chinzei Gakuin, which was founded as a language school in 1881, and we place particular emphasis on English education as the global lingua franca. In recent years, we have also focused on dialog with Asian communities in an effort to train students to pursue successful careers anywhere in the world, for example by dedicating resources to the study of Chinese. We maintain a full-featured educational environment thanks to our use of computer-assisted language learning systems and other relevant technologies.

Small class sizes

 NWU has introduced a seminar system starting with freshmen and progressing through all four years of its program as an integral part of the curriculum. A focus on small-group instruction allows faculty to provide fine-grained support to students. Seminars, a required part of the curriculum, cover basic subject matter for freshmen and sophomores, followed by more specialized topics for upperclassmen. The seminar format affords the University a means of offering across-the-board support for students’ life at school; seminar instructors act as student advisors and provide individual academic guidance for underclassmen.
 Our fine-grained support system also incorporates components designed to aid students in earning various professional qualifications and passing employment examinations.

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