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Japanese Education Program

As a student of NWU’s Japanese Education Program, you’ll study not only the Japanese language, but also Japanese culture, including subjects such as flower arrangement and the tea ceremony.
*Separate participation fees apply to the study of flower arrangement and the tea ceremony.

Japanese Culture Training Program

Students of the Japanese Culture Training Program learn about the history and culture of Nagasaki, and one study trip is planned for each year.

Japanese language education and Japanese culture

Students participate in a half-year or one-year study abroad program in Japan, where they study the Japanese language and Japanese culture through volunteer activities. They also learn about social and cultural phenomena in Japan by participating in various social activities in the local community.
Beginning Japanese Students of this introductory-level course learn about basic Japanese grammar and spoken Japanese as well as hiragana, katakana, and simple kanji characters. They will also master a range of language that plays a useful role in daily conversation.
Intermediate Japanese Students improve and further develop their existing knowledge of sentence structure and spoken Japanese (including the passive voice, progressive verb forms, honorific language, etc.) while strengthening their skills through listening, reading, and writing.
Upper Intermediate Japanese This class is designed to further polish previously studied material and strengthen reading skills. Students will also improve their listening, reading, and composition skills.
Japanese Culture
*Separate participation fees apply.
Tea ceremony (sado)
Students study movements that combine respect, cleanliness, and tranquility, the basis of tea etiquette.

Calligraphy (shodo)
Students study the culture of writing with a brush.

Flower arrangement (ikebana)
Students study Japanese flower arrangement, an art form that has been passed down since the 15th century.

Entrance examination information

Try browsing entrance examination information in Japanese!
*Information about the Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies’ entrance examination is available on NWU’s Japanese-language website. These links will take you to a menu of choices in Japanese… if you’re thinking about studying abroad in Japan, now is a great time to try your hand at reading some Japanese!

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