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Site Map

Site Map

News & Events

This page includes announcements of events being held by Nagasaki Wesleyan University and Chinzei Gakuin High School, news, and a variety of reports and other information. Announcements for students are also posted as necessary.

About Nagasaki Wesleyan University

This page provides basic information about Nagasaki Wesleyan University. It also introduces the history of Chinzei Gakuin, explains how to get to the University, and provides information such as a list of University offices, contact information, and a campus map.

Faculties and Departments

This page introduces Nagasaki Wesleyan University’s Faculty of Sociological Studies, related curriculums, and other information. Prospective students interested in receiving entrance examination or other information for the Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies and NWU’s Japanese Education Program should start here.

Overseas Study Programs

Nagasaki Wesleyan University offers a range of long-term, short-term, and other overseas study programs to meet the full range of student needs. Choose the program that best fits your own study abroad objectives and preferences.

Intercollegiate Exchange Agreements

Nagasaki Wesleyan University is a four-year university established by Chinzei Gakuin, which was founded in 1881. The University is accredited by the Japan Institution for Higher Education Evaluation, a Japanese accreditation organization.

International Student Support Center

Nagasaki Wesleyan University actively welcomes overseas students. The International Student Support Center provides a wide range of aid to international students to ensure their ability to make the most of their study and life at NWU.

Information for International Students

This page provides basic information for international students planning to attend Nagasaki Wesleyan University.

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