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Nagasaki Wesleyan University attends the 4th AU+ Conference in Malaysia

2018年6月14日 (木曜日) 19:44 | 投稿者:【nwuadmin

Nagasaki Wesleyan University attends the 4th AU+ Conference in Malaysia
May 24, 2018

Nagasaki Wesleyan University President Sato and the chief of the Department of Foreign Languages Mr. Saito have traveled to India and Malaysia to meet at universities in India and Malaysia and to attend the Asian University Union (AU+) conference and confirmed sisterhood relationships with oversea partner universities. Nagasaki Wesleyan University met at Berjaya University College of Hospitality where the conference was hosted with representatives from Shandong Foreign Languages Vocational College from China, Induk University from Korea, Baiko Guakuin University from Japan, and Kun Shan University from Taiwan.
The four-day program was facilitated by Emeritus Dr. Walter Wong and Madam Mae Ho of Berjaya University College. Various issues and programs were discussed along with the introduction of “Global Campus” as exchanges between institutes were solidified.

During the staff week, the participants enjoyed discussing the internationalization of the universities and joined in a wide variety of activities and tours which were comprised of sessions with both staff and students including sampling the fine dinner provided by the students of the Faculty of Culinary Arts of Berjaya University College. Participants also toured historical places in Kuala Lumpur including the experience of a living Malaysian heritage at the Royal Selangor Visitor Center to observe the fine artistic skills behind pewter crafts. Tour of Kuala Lumpur also included a visit to the textile production factory of finely woven Songket fabric. This was a valuable opportunity to learn the culture and history of Malaysia.

This conference was a good opportunity for our university to experience exchanges with the AU+ institutes from overseas. It was a very meaningful and memorable event for us. The next AU+ conference is planned be held in Taiwan followed by Japan hosting the conference in the year 2020 to coincide with the Tokyo Olympics.
We look forward to continued collaboration with partner institutes for the promotion of peace and cross-cultural understanding.



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