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【外国語学科】Department of Foreign Languages graduation thesis presentations

2020年7月09日 (木曜日) 09:32 | 投稿者:【nwuadmin

On July 8, 2020, senior international students in the Department of Foreign Languages made their graduation thesis presentations. Students Gurung Shanti, Pariyar Kabita, Zhu Jia Chao, and Tran Minh Duc presented their research to department instructors in fulfillment of their graduation requirements. The students presented on wide variety of topics including the future of the cashless movement in the world, waste management problems in Vietnam, and Lumbini as a tourist destination in Nepal. We commend our students for their hard work. The Department of Foreign Languages congratulates these students for completing their studies here at Nagasaki Wesleyan University!






【CHINZEIから世界へ】NWU Jazz Ensemble Club--bringing life to our university!

2020年6月30日 (火曜日) 15:54 | 投稿者:【nwuadmin

 A promotion video was created for introducing the NWU Jazz Ensemble Club and our university to institutes abroad—specifically as a token of friendship for our partner institute, the University of the Fraser Valley in Canada. The Wesleyan Jazz Ensemble Club is an integral part of Nagasaki Wesleyan University where we currently have 9 new members for a total of 25 active members. The club performs regularly at university and community events as well as at local welfare facilities. We are proud of our band and all that it has accomplished over the years. We thank the Wesleyan Jazz Ensemble for sharing their musical talents and for continually bringing life to our university. Music is life!


【在学生紹介シリーズ】外国語学科3年生 スキビツカ・マグダレナ・エヴェリーナさん

2020年6月22日 (月曜日) 10:14 | 投稿者:【nwuadmin



今回は、外国語学科3年 ポーランド出身のスキビツカ・マグダレナ・エヴェリーナさんです!


My graduation thesis is something that I have been apprehensive about since the beginning of my studies. As the time has got closer, this fear has also drawn nearer (J), I know that from this time I have to start thinking seriously about this. It seems difficult to research materials and write sentences in Japanese since it’s not in my native language, but I think that – with the help of seminar teacher and other people - I will can enjoy this challenge.


I think that my life in Japan from the beginning has continued to be deeply connected with Nagasaki Wesleyan University. First, I studied Japanese through a “one-year only Japanese language education program” at NWU and now I continue studying here as a student. So I have been learning at NWU for 4 years and this place has become like a home to me. And I feel that here everyone can find their own place, everyone is accepted as they are. Different languages, customs, and religions are not a problem. It is the differences that make it beautiful!


Because my future is connected with translation, I want to do my best at studing Japanese. Also, I would like to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to teach Japanese language and culture so that I can realize my childhood dream of becoming a teacher.


For a long time, I have been fond of a quote by Maximilian Kolbe, a Polish Conventual Franciscan friar who volunteered to die in place of a young family’s father in the German death camp of Auschwitz. Maximilian stated that, ”Even if it’s a minute, once it’s gone, it won’t come back again. Even a miracle cannot return the time that has passed.” I feel that it is really important to use time well so as not to regret anything. So, don’t be afraid of gaffe and mistakes, don’t let the shyness paralyze you, but challenge various things in these four years of university, develop relationships with various people, and go out to find the treasure inside you.


I think that finding your own way may not be easy, but if you try, certainly you’ll find it. Don’t forget to take care of what you want to do, your interests, your dreams, and the things in your heart...


Skibicka Magdalena Ewelina

【外国語学科】An international luncheon with senior seminar students.

2020年6月17日 (水曜日) 08:23 | 投稿者:【nwuadmin

International students from Nepal and Vietnam share their food culture with their seminar instructor. The seminar program at NWU fosters student development while students work with instructors to complete their graduation thesis. The intrinsic value of the seminar program is also found in the memories that are created through various exchanges. Here at Wesleyan, the university is a microcosm of the world. One in every four students is from abroad with a total of 11 countries represented. The rich diversity of culture represented at Nagasaki Wesleyan University provides an opportunity for students and staff alike to learn new perspectives and gain new life experiences together.


【外国語学科】A campus stroll with freshman seminar students.

2020年6月16日 (火曜日) 08:41 | 投稿者:【nwuadmin

Japanese students in the freshman seminar course celebrated the pleasant spring weather by taking a stroll around the Chinzei Academy campus. Students joining Nagasaki Wesleyan University in the spring 2020 semester are the first students of a new decade. We hope our students share in the excitement to engage with our faculty and staff through courses, research, activities, and community service. We hope you will remain strong and resilient as you work toward earning your degrees and grow closer to realizing your dreams of a better future. We at NWU encourage our students to make meaningful connections with others that deepen our sense of belonging and fosters academic success.



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