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Faculty of Sociological Studies

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Faculties, departments, and degrees

Faculty and department Subject area Degree Target qualifications (common to all University programs)
Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies Department of International Exchange The Department trains internationally minded graduates who can make full use of English, Chinese, and Japanese skills.
  • English Communication Course
  • English Counseling Course
  • Chinese Communication Course
  • International Business Course
  • Japanese Culture Course
Bachelor of Arts ( International Studies )
  • Level 1, Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • 750 points or higher, TOEIC
  • Excel Spreadsheet Skill Certification Test
  • Bookkeeping
Department of Economics and Policy The Department prepares students to pursue careers in the fields of economics, management, and regional development.
  • Economics Course
  • Management Course
  • Development of Society Course
Bachelor of Arts(Political Economy)
Department of Social Welfare The Department trains welfare professionals who will be able to meet the need for welfare services in China and Asia.
  • Social Welfare Course
  • Mental Health Welfare Course
  • Medical Welfare Course
  • Counseling Course
  • International Welfare Course
Bachelor of Arts (Social Welfare Studies)

Entrance examination information

Try browsing entrance examination information in Japanese!
*Information about the Faculty of Sociological Studies’ entrance examination is available on NWU’s Japanese-language website. These links will take you to a menu of choices in Japanese… if you’re thinking about studying abroad in Japan, now is a great time to try your hand at reading some Japanese!

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