Coming Together is Just the Beginning

  • 2024.05.24
  • 多文化コミュニケーション学科

The new school year ushered in new members of the English Club from different nations, the United States, Thailand and the Philippines.

The Chinzei Gakuin University English Club is composed of culturally diverse members. Last year, it had Japanese, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, and Ukrainian students.

To create bonds that will persevere, a team building exercise was held amidst the gardens of Omura Park.

The activity had two objectives, to further enhance the members’ English proficiency and to create a team that would work, study and play well together.

It was a fun day that started with a picnic and getting to know each other using Bingo cards. The competitive side of the students became apparent as soon as the other games begun. The games were the Human Knot, Longest Line, Touch and Grab. The last activity was to act as tourist guides. The students were paired off. Each pair were of different nationalities. They could then practice speaking in English and Japanese as the whole group toured and enjoyed the whole of Omura Park. The Japanese students shared insights on the Japanese shrines, castles and flora, as well.

The day concluded with a promise of a more cohesive English Club, where all members are engaged and celebrated. It was also a day that ended with a beginning of friendships that will last a lifetime.