Nepal Day at CGU

  • 2024.01.19
  • 外国語学科

Nepal Day was held on January 18, 2024 at Nishiyama Hall. Nepalese students in the 4th year of the Department of Foreign Languages planned and organized the event. The event showcased Nepalese culture through engaging performances, including songs, dances, and entertaining games.

It was beautiful sight to see the students in Nepalese costumes dancing to the music. The Nepali students practiced hard to make their performances shine on this special day.

Adding to the excitement, university students who observed the event actively participated in the games, contributing to the overall lively atmosphere. The event also featured a delightful treat for everyone – handmade Nepalese dishes. These delectable treats, fried to perfection, infused with aromatic spices, left everyone savoring their deliciousness.

It was a great time to experience Nepalese culture. The Nepal Day activity provided a fantastic opportunity for our community to immerse themselves in the richness of Nepalese culture, creating lasting memories and fostering cultural exchange.