Series: Student Voices from the Department of Foreign Languages (Part 1)

  • 2022.08.24
  • 外国語学科

Students in the Department of Foreign Language’s Community Service Learning (CSL) program were asked to share their thoughts about the university. The first question presented to the students is:

How did you choose Chinzei Gakuin University (Nagasaki Wesleyan University)?”

Student responses are as follows:


I wanted to get a job using English, such as a Japanese language teacher in the future, so I entered Nagasaki Wesleyan University.

(K.S. さん)


I chose Nagasaki Wesleyan University to make my future dreams come true. It means becoming an English teacher. It was my longtime dream and I thought that this university would make it possible.

(D.S. さん)


The reason I chose this school is I have a dream to become a Japanese teacher to teach Japanese for foreigners. The trigger was I met a teacher at this university, and I admired that teacher. Now I am studying for become a Japanese teacher. Although it is hard for me to study professionally, I am enjoying my studies.

(S.A. さん)


No particular reason.

(N.R. さん)


I chose this university because I am able to go there from my house. Also, there was the department that I wanted to study.

(T.N. さん)

I am a foreign student. Truthfully speaking, this university was totally unknown to me before coming to Japan. After I came to Japan I studied the Japanese language for 1 year. In that 1 year time, I got love from my teachers, they made our environment homely and they helped us a lot. After finishing my Japanese language period, I had to choose either a university or “senmon gakkou” vocational school, so I decided to study university and I choose this university.

(U.S. さん)


I am a foreign student. I came to Japan in 2018. I had heard a lot of good things about Japan before I came to Japan. Japan is really good. But before I came to this college, I didn’t know anything about this college. I studied Japanese for one year in this college. During that one year, I got a chance to understand better about this college. The teachers are very caring. The college has all the facilities that an experienced teacher and a student need. This college is located in a quiet and clean environment. I have chosen this college to continue my studies as it is really beautiful and comfortable to study here.

(K.D. さん)


When I was in Nepal my dream was to come japan for my further education because Japan is very safe, secure and has high quality education. So, I asked one of my friends about the condition and situation of this university who had already came to this university before 3 years ago. My friend recommend me to join this university because this university had a high quality education as well as affordable tuition and college fees and generous scholarships. And I also researched a lot about this university through internet. Then, I finally chose Nagasaki Wesleyan University for my abroad study.

(P.M. さん)

I am from Nepal. I decided to come to japan for international language study. I applied to come to Japan but I didn’t have any idea about Japan and Japanese life. Teachers suggested for me join to Nagasaki Wesleyan University to study about International languages. When I applied for a visa to study, I finally got visa. After that, I came to Japan to study the Japanese language for one year. After I finished my Japanese language period I decided on this university because there were people from many countries and we can find friendly education system here.

(T.K. さん)


When I was researching about studying in Japan and considering all the pros and cons of studying in Japan, I found that Nagasaki Wesleyan University was offering pretty much everything I was seeking for. Hence, I chose this university when I was researching over studying in Japan.

(S.K. さん)


First of all, this is a university that you can join to make your future bright. If you don’t have a fixed goal, then you can find yourself when you come here. There are many students who came from many countries and you can also exchange your culture and what you do. No matter the reason you came here, you can speak and learn and also study many languages.

(M.K. さん)

I chose this university by the recommendation of my friend who was a student of this university. When I was in Nepal she told me about this university. She told me that the education environment is quite good and actually it is. The good thing about this university is that the teachers are very friendly and the facilities are good.

(R.M. さん)


The reason why I chose Nagasaki Wesleyan University is because I am interested in Nagasaki culture, and studying in Nagasaki can help me better understand the local culture of Nagasaki.

(Y.K. さん)