Series: Student Voices from the Department of Foreign Languages (Part 2)

  • 2022.09.22
  • 外国語学科

Students in the Department of Foreign Language’s Community Service Learning (CSL) program were asked to share their thoughts about the university. The second question presented to the students is:

“What is your favorite place on campus?”

Student responses are as follows:


My favorite place of campus is white house or the main office building. I think white is a symbol of peace—that’s why they named it as “white house” and I love peace.

(U.S. さん)


My favorite places in college are the library and the white house. I like the library as there is a collection of different books for reading here. I like the white house because I like the quiet environment. White may be a symbol of peace and learning. That is why it is called the White House.

(K.D. さん)

The campus is very peaceful and beautiful. There are no places which I don’t like on my campus. All places are just great and comfortable. I like all the places of my campus but my favorite place is the campus canteen. It is the best place on campus because not only we can eat there but also we can chat freely with friends. We can take a rest, do our work and chat with friends. I fell very happy and joyful in the campus canteen because we can enjoy our meal with my friends.

(P.M. さん)


My favorite place is the Chiba gymnasium. Because I belong to the badminton club and I work there while sweating a lot with my friends.

(D.S. さん)


My favorite place on campus is the open front of Samejima Hall when we have free time, we gather and share our problems and happiness there.

(T.K. さん)

My favorite place on campus is obviously the class room where we study because I’ve invested my concentration and have received invaluable treasure alike knowledge from teachers which I can’t even compare to anything.

(S.K. さん)


My favorite place at this university is the student lounge. It is because decorated depending on the season. It is beautiful and makes me feel happy. It is also a place to spend time with my friends.

(S.A. さん)


My favourite place on campus is the historical grounds. There are many historical things on the university grounds—many stones that have words written that are very old. The university grounds is also a place where you can play basketball with your friends.

(M.K. さん)


I’m a peace lover. My favorite place on university is near to the chapel 💒. The view is pretty. There are a lot of different trees like cherry and maple and others. I spend my time there during my break and when I am bored.  

 (R.M. さん)


I like the teaching atmosphere of the university, there are very good teachers to teach me knowledge, and there are many international students here, I can communicate with people from many different countries.

(Y.K. さん)


My favorite place on campus is the courtyard. During break time international students happily play basketball there.

(T.N. さん)


I like the student lounge.

(K.S. さん)


Classroom A-404

(N.R. さん)