Series: Student Voices from the Department of Foreign Languages (Part 4)

  • 2023.01.4
  • 外国語学科

Students in the Department of Foreign Language’s Community Service Learning (CSL) program were asked to share their thoughts about the university. The fourth and final question presented to the students is:

“What advice would you like to give to new students?”

Student responses are as follows:


There are students attending the university as their first choice for school. I think there are different students, but I think there are some fun things here that other universities don’t have, so please have a fun college life! It’s been 3 years since I entered Chinzei Gakuin University, but I think it was a good choice to attend Chinzei Gakuin University.

(K.S. さん)


Take lots of certification exams in the first or second year. If you want to be able to speak a foreign language, actively talk to foreign teachers and students.

(N.R. さん)


I want you to fully enjoy your daily life. Looking back, I feel that every day went by quickly. I think there are many things in college. I would like to take good care of each one. I also want you to study deeply what you want to learn. If you have any problems, please feel free to come and consult me. Let’s have a good college life together!

(D.S. さん)


My advice for new students is if you hesitate to do something, you should do it. It’s better to regret doing it than to regret not doing it.

(S.A. さん)


If you are going to choose this university, my advice to new students is to be punctual with time. Think of the teacher as your family member and just focus on your studies. I am proud to say that in Nagasaki our university is best among all.

(U.S. さん)


This college is very good. The teachers who teach in this college are very experienced, kind and helpful. So if you are coming to this college, take this college as your home and follow every rule and action of your membership. Take the teacher as your guardian and move on. I would like to say the importance of time and make good use of it.

(K.D. さん)

When I first came to japan this place was totally new and different then I thought. It was very hard to cooperate with people and to accept new environment. So, my recommendation to a new comers or new students is you must learn or take at least basic level Japanese language lessons before you come to Japan. Secondly, you choose to come to Japan for your further study so, you must make a mind to give a first priority to study only and then work. Lastly, Japan is made for hard workers. So, my advice for new student is you must make your mind and body strong before coming to Japan.

(P.M. さん)


What I would like to tell the freshmen is to do things that only students can do.

(T.N. さん)


My advance for new students is to make many Japanese friends and focus on the Japanese language to improve the language.

(T.K. さん)


The only advice I would like to give to new students is that if you’re willing to learn something and challenging yourself to reach out the top then you’re on the right place. Nagasaki Wesleyan University never fails to satisfy its’ students regarding the quality education. Regarding my experience of studying in this university, I’ve never been disappointed about anything because it generates familiar environment to study. Hence, Nagasaki Wesleyan University will definitely help you building up the dream you have

(S.K. さん)


My advice is for the new students is that you can learn many things here and the many teachers here are very friendly and helpful so you can easily find yourself. If you are good at your studies, you have a chance for a scholarship, etc.

(M.K. さん)


My advice for the new foreign students is to study hard. Make your schedule, follow the rules of the university, take care of yourself and have fun.

(R.M. さん)


My advice to new students is to observe the streets of Nagasaki more and communicate with people, which can help you better understand the surrounding environment.

(Y.K. さん)