Students Breathe New Life into an Old Pair of Rocking Chairs

  • 2024.05.13
  • 多文化コミュニケーション学科

As the sun peeked through the campus trees, a group of enthusiastic students gathered around a pair of weathered rocking chairs, armed with paintbrushes and a shared sense of purpose. This wasn’t just any ordinary painting session; it was a celebration of community service learning, where students came together to revitalize a small part of the campus— it’s rocking chairs.

The ことばの不思議プロジェクト students in the Community Service Learning (CSL) program collaborated with international students in the 食音楽観光・地域活性化 CSL program in the Department of International Studies at Nagasaki Wesleyan University for this repainting of the campus rocking chairs.

Under the guidance of the university’s community service program, students brought new life back to these beloved rocking chairs. With each stroke of paint, they infused the chairs with fresh energy and a renewed sense of purpose.

The project wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about fostering connections and making a tangible difference in the campus environment. As paint dripped and laughter filled the air, bonds were formed, and memories were created that would last a lifetime.

Through this hands-on experience, students learned the value of giving back to their community and the power of collective action. They discovered that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a ripple effect, inspiring others to join in and make a positive impact.

As the final touches were applied and the chairs gleamed with newfound beauty, a sense of pride swelled among the students. These rocking chairs weren’t just pieces of furniture; they were symbols of unity, creativity, and the transformative power of service.

With their project complete, the students stepped back to admire their handiwork, knowing that they had left a lasting legacy on their campus. As the chairs rocked gently in the breeze, they served as a reminder of what can be accomplished when students come together with a shared vision and a willingness to make a difference.

In the end, it wasn’t just about repainting a pair of rocking chairs; it was about breathing new life into a campus tradition and leaving their mark on the university community for years to come.