2021 Japanese Speech Contest at CGU

  • 2021.12.10
  • 国際交流関係

A Japanese Speech Contest was held at Nishiyama Hall on December 9th, 2021. Seven international students gave speeches on their thoughts on the theme of “what I want to convey to everyone”. Students studying in the Japanese language teacher training course were in charge of the speech practice. We give our thanks to the International Students who challenged their Japanese skills by participating in the Japanese Speech Contest sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages. Speeches were based on personal experiences and challenges as well as cultural differences. Speeches had a message of overcoming challenges and adversity. The audience as well as two professor judges determined the winners of the contest. Dance and musical performances were also given by international students. We would like to thank the participants for their enlightening, thoughtful and uplifting speeches and for sharing their language skills and talents.