Vietnam / China Day activity

  • 2022.06.27
  • 国際交流関係

Vietnam / China Day activity was held at CGU on June 23rd to honor the Vietnamese and Chinese international students at our university. The activity was held in Nishiyama Hall as participants presented onstage to staff and students. As part of the presentation on China, students from CGU sister institute Shangdon Vocational and Technical University of International Studies presented live online. An overview of the people, landscapes, culture, and cuisine as well as the meaning behind the national flags of the two respective countries were shared by the international students presenting.

The audience was involved in a trivia game where prizes were given out. The highlight of the event were the song and performances shared by representatives from each country. The activity concluded with Vietnamese and Chinese dishes and treats presented to the audience.

It was a memorable occasion for everyone who joined. Participants enjoyed an evening of learning and celebration of the rich heritage and cultural diversity of Chinzei Gakuin University.